"If you think you can, you are right. If you think you cannot, you ARE ABSOLUELY RIGHT."

– Henry Ford

Bringing to your kids a Life Changing Opportunity

ABCD of Life Management™

This workshop lays a strong foundation to help students set their goals according t their natural strengths. It deals with the concepts of Attitude, Behavior, Choice and Discipline, and helps develop a mindset for

Preparing senior students to achieve their most important goals – classes IX, X, XI, XII


"I am really thankful to him. Now I know how to manage my time, make my goals, and what career option or line I should choose to be successful..."

Shreya Gupta, X std.

"I really think his words can change many lives. He was such a good speaker we didn't get bored at all..."

Anshika Goel, X std.