Emotional Intelligence

This one day workshop covers the scope of emotional intelligence and learning techniques to achieve greater self awareness, self control and self motivation. It helps participants understand the importance of emotional intelligence and identify consequences of unmanaged emotions, thus being able to achieve increased emotional intelligence for building good relationships and for greater effectiveness and productivity.

Time Management

Designed as a one day workshop to help identify and designate priorities for a balanced life. Participants will learn the difference between really important and deceptively important tasks-at-hand. They come out with the strength and skill to be able to avoid procrastination, and be on track to fulfill important responsibilities – managing the self in relation to time.

Work Life Balance

To be able to manage the various roles that we become responsible for (between work, relationships and self), and achieving the 'Great Balance of Life'. This workshop helps understand the causes of imbalance, and ways to identify strategies for nurturing self and job in a balanced way.

Communication Skills

Will help determine various levels of meaning and identify the subtleties of communication. It will also help monitor interpersonal interactions. Participants will be able to appreciate the importance of assertive communication, understand various listening styles, and practice IMPACTful communication – where problem diagnosis precedes solution.