Increasing your Emotional Intelligence

IQ gets one hired, but EQ keeps you from getting fired! Recruitments in the current age happen with regard to one's Emotional Intelligence, which positively drives an employee's success chart. We help you hone the life-critical skill of managing your emotions keeping in mind the desired results to be achieved. As you get ready to enter the corporate world, make sure you learn "he who in balance emoted, was the one who got promoted…"

What Customers Really Want

Ahead of facing real customers in a world that treats them as 'king', prepare to strategize to take control of every call, and to say 'no' in a positive way. Learn to understand your customer, explore the concepts and benefits of extraordinary customer service, manipulate moments of truth, match your communication style, and sometimes if you can't, know the cost you incur for poor service! Learn all this and more in an extensive training that tells you fair and square "What Customers Really Want!"

Time Management

Managing the self in relation to time - In a world of distractions, professional students must know how to strategize the realization of their most important priorities. This is achieved when they learn to say NO to the unimportant things in life. Students learn and analyze the various time divisions of their life. They ultimately achieve a balance in life, as they learn to link values to goals. Concepts and aids like the "Why Matrix" and other Planning Techniques form a part of the program.

ABCD for aspiring professionals

Aspiring professional students are stuck in a world of 'competitive success', where every new enterprise and idea that consumes their energy and time will mirror their future. It is of utmost significance to make informed choices that align with their core values in life, and to live each new endeavour with the correct attitude.

Introducing the ABCD of Life Management™ for aspiring Professional Students

A workshop that helps develop the mindset to